The Master Violet Ray
Master Appliance Company, Inc
Undated (Early Twentieth Century)


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        The Violet Ray is a pleasant, effective means of applying the wonderful power of electricity to the human body without pain, sensation or shock, and is without an equal in relieving pain and congestion, stimulating the circulation and restoring good health, vigor and youth.

        The Violet Ray is the ordinary electric current obtained from any socket, nebulized and split up into infinite parts and produced through glass applicators called electrodes, in a violet colored stream, hence its name, VIOLET RAY. A huge voltage of electricity is obtained and applied to the body or hair but without any shock, whatever, the only sensation being a pleasant warmth.

        Violet Ray Treatments surely relieve pain in any part of the body. The electrical currents penetrate every cell and tissue of the body, and tranquilize and soothe. Violet Rays stimulate and strengthen the vital organs, build up the natural forces, steady the nerves, and develop the general health and conditions of the body. High frequency electrical currents carry oxygen to the blood, thus purifying this vital body fluid. Violet Rays equalize the circulation in congested parts and restore bruised and inflamed tissues to normal.

        A Master Violet Ray is applied through vacuum applicators or electrodes made of annealed glass. These electrodes diffuse the electrical current in sprays of a beautiful deep violet color. These sprays or sparks vibrate to and fro, or oscillate at the rate of several hundred thousand times per second. This rapid vibration is what produces the pleasing, invigorating and corrective effects derived from Violet Ray Treatments.

        A few minutes' application each day, simply holding the applicator in the hand, furnishes a tonic to the system which does much to fight disease and keep the body in a healthy state. Inasmuch as prevention is to be desired a thousandfold rather than a cure, this one point alone makes the Master Violet Ray indispensable in your home.

        Many authorities state that impaired circulation of the blood causes most ailments. The Violet Ray by stimulating the circulation, thus wards off disease, saving you much unhappiness and suffering.

        With the knowledge that electricity, Nature's greatest health agent, was a vital factor in the treatment of various diseases of the body, there has been a constant untiring effort to improve the method of application and increase the power of this wonderful agent.

        The wide use of electricity produced through various types of apparatus finally led to the discovery of the Violet Ray, otherwise known as High Frequency, which has solved many problems and today furnishes the most efficient and powerful phase of electricity known for the relief and destruction of the various diseases and germs of the body.

        The Violet Ray offers a pleasant, effective means of destroying germs and banishing various diseases while building up the tissues and toning up the system generally. The Violet Ray while introducing all the power of electrical energy into the body, does so without the slightest pain, shock or contraction of muscles. In fact the application of the Violet Ray produces a pleasing sensation. The amazing results secured through Violet Ray treatment, immediately caused it to be accepted by the professions, and today you can hardly find any physician's office not equipped with Violet Ray Apparatus.

        Now this remarkable factor is made available to you for use in your own home, at a price within the reach of anyone. We have built an effective Violet Ray instrument that is the essence of simplicity, made so a child may operate it, and at the same time we have an instrument that produces the Violet Ray unexcelled by machines costing many times as much without the unique and practical features of our instruments.


        Violet Rays or High Frequency Currents benefit all living matter. Through the glass vacuum applicator light, heat, electric energy and ozone are created. These forces are uniformly, potent in relieving and eliminating human ailments. Violet Rays present a remedy upon which we can rely. They are positive and certain in action. They will reach where medicine does not and often cannot reach – yet they cause no pain, no disagreeable sensation, no discomfort. They furnish a soothing relief. They destroy germs and have a strong power over infection.

        The uses for the Master Violet Ray are practically unlimited. Not only are ordinary pains and aches removed, but deep seated ailments of long standing are often entirely eliminated.


    There is no danger with the Violet Ray. It can he applied to the most sensitive parts and the treatment is agreeable and exhilarating. You simply connect the machine to any convenient light socket on direct or alternating current and it is ready for any treatment. People were very skeptical about the claims that we made for Master treatments till they found that physicians not only strongly endorsed its use, but treated their patients with it with very gratifying results. You will find the Master in the office of many doctors. The Master Violet Ray in the home is good health insurance.



        A. A sedative, quieting or soothing effect can be obtained and is of great benefit in all nervous ailments. This effect can be produced locally by keeping the electrode in close contact with the part to be treated. Painful sensations can be relieved, irritated nerves tranquilized and soothed. Nervous disorders are quickly and beneficially influenced by a sedative treatment.

        B. A stimulating effect is produced when the electrode is lifted somewhat during the application or used through the clothing or a cloth which has been put over the part to be treated. The length of the stimulating sparks depends on thickness of the clothing or cloth placed between the electrode and the body. Uniformity in spark length is insured by the cloth.

        Stimulating treatments through clothing are very beneficial in rheumatism, lumbago, partial paralysis, etc. Skin disorders, where the circulation is impaired, are often greatly benefited by a slight stimulation. A single layer of a handkerchief produces enough resistance in such cases. An ordinary towel is best to use in chronic rheumatism and similar affections.




        If Nature has not endowed you with the charms that you desire, or if work and worry have left their lines in your face and figure, you can erase them with the Master Violet Ray. Rich, red blood is brought to the skin with the use of the Violet Ray. It nourishes the tissues and cells and brings the radiant hue of health and beauty to the skin. All facial blemishes quickly vanish.

        All modern beauty specialists use the Violet Ray in the treatment of the hair and skin.

    Treatment of Hair

        Practically every disease of the scalp and hair, such as dandruff, failing hair, etc., can be traced to the improper circulation of the blood flowing through the scalp. The Violet Ray when applied to the hair has a direct action on the tiny nerve and blood vessels, stimulating them to perform their proper functions. The ozone generated acts as a germicidal agent and destroys any organism present, making dandruff impossible. A few treatments will suffice to convince you of the wonderful results accomplished. It is a proven fact that persistent use of the Violet Ray will restore grey hair to its natural color.

        The use of the Violet Ray for a few minutes each day will make the hair thick, healthy and beautiful.

        As a beautifying agent the Violet Ray is unexcelled, as it brings a fresh glow to the skin, producing a clear youthful complexion. It quickly removes Pimples, Blackheads, Boils, Warts, an d other Blemishes.

        It removes Dandruff, Eczema, Itchy Scalp and Skin Diseases. Every woman should have this outfit in her home for use on the hair alone, aside from the other innumerable purposes to which it may be put.

        As a bust developer, the Master Violet Rays will be of material assistance. A special electrode suitable for the purpose is made.

        The Violet Ray Refreshes the Body. The results obtained through Violet Ray applications will be a revelation to you and in a remarkably short time will bring your body, health and appearance to that condition that Nature intended it should be.



        When the electrode is brought near the body the flow of Violet Ray is apparent in one direction only. That is from the applicator to the body. Actually. However, the direction of the flow alternates from the applicator to the body and then from the body to the applicator thousands of times per second. This causes the cells of the body to vibrate accordingly, which gives the effects of a massage, and tends to revive and invigorate the bodily tissues by rebuilding each individual cell of which it is composed. This is one of the most beneficial results of the Violet Ray.



        Three distinct methods of application are in general use according to the conditions present and the results desired.

        First – Local applications. Given with specific surface of orificial applicators made for that purpose.

        A beneficial warmth is induced by the action of the Violet Ray, the capillaries of the skin are stimulated. The local blood supply in the treated parts is increased during the application and for some time thereafter. Any local application with a vacuum electrode is an effective antiseptic, largely on account of the ozone developed.

        Local applications produce the desired result at the treated part quickly. They also benefit to a remarkable degree the entire system. The body is penetrated by radiant atomized electricity, restoring energy and vitality to the entire system.

        Second – General applications. Taken as electrification treatment for the effect on the general condition. The entire body is saturated with electrical energy by simply holding the electrode in the hand. This produces a sedative or quieting effect.

        Violet Ray High Frequency Currents have the tendency to establish a normal equilibrium of the entire nervous system. Arterial tension during a general treatment usually increases slightly while it falls a short time afterward. General treatments are recommended in all nervous disorders and diseases.

        Third – Indirect applications. Combines local and general treatments and requires two people. The party to be treated holds the instrument with the attached electrode. A second party then may draw with either hand, finger-tips, or another electrode, the high frequency current to the desired spot of the patient's body.




        One of the greatest benefit of the Violet Ray. is the fact that it can be used with such excellent results in local conditions. When the Master Violet Ray is applied to any part of the body, it gives to a certain extent a general treatment by stimulating the circulation. In treating local conditions, these results are greatly increased by giving a local treatment to the part affected. Suppose one is afflicted with rheumatic pain in the shoulder, you apply the Violet Ray treatment to the painful part. The result noted will be an immediate sensation of warmth. After a slight treatment, you will note that the part treated has become slightly reddened by the blood that is sent in response to stimulation secured from the treatment.

        These local treatments can be given to any part of the body locally with very good results.



        Neuritis, as commonly understood, is rheumatism of the nerves. In the treatment of this condition, the Violet Ray is unexcelled. Not only does the Violet Ray apply health but a permanent relief is secured by relieving the inflammation and removing the cause of the ailment.



        By causing the rich red health-laden blood to flow to the affected part and concentrated oxygen driven directly into the tissues, the inflammation is usually quickly overcome and a normal condition is secured.




        The Master Ozone Generator, shown on Page 19 may be used with any Master machine. This generator in connection with our outfits give the most satisfactory method of Ozone treatment known to science.

        A most essential form of treatment for asthma, bay fever, and all lung, throat and nose cases.




        Master Violet Ray machines have many features that make them superior to other Violet Ray machines produced. Due to their superior type of construction, which permits of the use of parts of ample size, they will operate continuously for a much longer period without overheating than any portable machine heretofore offered.

        The Condensors are large and of over-capacity in order to prevent breakdowns. The Coils are all wound over-capacity to prevent over-heating in continuous and hard usage. The insulation of the coils used is equal to that of very expensive machines.

        The range of adjustment is ideal and suitable for all treatments.

        All Cords are sparkless and there is no possible danger of shocks. The machines are instruments of marvelous simplicity and efficiency that operate on any alternating or direct current without adjustment, and are fool proof in construction.

        They are economical in operation. The power consumed is less than that used by the ordinary electric light.

        The Master reputation has been built by supplying the most superior product on the market. Extreme care in the selection of material, rigid inspection, skilled craftsmanship, and years of experience make Master Violet Ray Instruments stand out in a class by themselves.



        A very important feature of all Master Violet Ray machines is the special patented Master Electrode socket terminal which is a part of the resonator coil. Should the electrode break, the coil can simply be unscrewed from the hard rubber housing and the electrode end easily removed by inserting a screw driver or knife in the insertion, as shown in illustration.

        In the past, where the electrode has broken, it has been necessary for practically all users to take these to an electric shop or repair man to have the electrode end removed. This annoyance is altogether eliminated, both to the user and the dealer, by the patented Master Electrode Terminal socket which is found only on Master Violet Ray machines.


        The lowest priced model violet ray machine ever offered by a responsible manufacturer. No exposed parts. Works on either direct or alternating current. Equipment consists of generator and General Electrode in substantial container. The world's greatest value in a Violet Ray. At its price it has no competition.................. $7.75

        For 220 volt or 32 volt add $1.50.


        This wonderful new machine comes equipped with three electrodes – Comb-Rake Electrode, throat and general, contained in a very beautiful red lined carrying case. The size of the case is 14 inches long and 9 inches wide, making it a large attractive outfit. The magnet coil is mounted on a highly polished Formica plate. Coils and condensers are oversize to prevent overheating and the Tesla coil is designed to stand hardest usage. We are using the same type of construction on this machine that all manufacturers use on their highest priced models; namely two piece construction. Equipped with three electrodes it represents the world's greatest value in a product of this kind and is the fastest selling machine ever offered.

        Price ...............…………………………. $12.50

        For 220 or 32 volts add $1.50.

        Our 220 volt windings will run on both A. C. and D. C. current. Voltages of from 200 to 240 volts.


    Universal Generator and Surface Applicator

        The Universal has been built to supply the demand for a high-class Violet Ray machine, with features of the higher price types at a price within the reach of everyone. With the perfection of the Universal, we are now in a position to offer our customers a low priced Violet Ray instrument, which may be sold without fear of a dissatisfied buyer and with the knowledge that the best machine obtainable at its price is being placed in the customers' hands.

        The Magnet Coil and Adjustments arc mounted in the carrying case. The Resonator Coil is contained in a separate Hard Rubber Handle of special design. The Handle and Cords are shock proof.


       MASTER VIOLET RAY OUTFIT No. 1; The outfit includes the Generator and General Electrode No. 1. The Electrode is mounted in carrying case. which is equipped with a clip holding it in place to prevent breaking.

        We are the originators of this type of two-piece construction and have made it the most popular Violet Ray machine on the market.

        Price ................................... $12.50

        For 220 or 32 volts add $1.50.



        This machine represents the latest development in a one piece outfit. Due to our special type of construction the machine cannot be thrown out of adjustment by turning the adjustment knob too tightly and locking the vibrator springs, a defect found in most other one piece outfits.

        An exceptionally strong hard rubber housing is used and the coils are so constructed that they will not overheat. This machine is without competition where lasting qualities and value are considered. Equipped with handsome carrying case with No. 1 Surface, No. 3 Comb-Rake Electrode and No. 12 Metal Electrodes.

        Price ........................... $15.00

        For 220 or 32 volts add $1.50.

        Our adjustment is a piece of precision mechanics, highly developed, accurate and dependable. There are no parts that will come apart and the arrangement of adjustment prevents locking of vibrators thus eliminating burning out of the coils. This is a feature of all Master machines.



        This machine is of the one-piece type: that is, the entire outfit is contained in the handle and there is no separate Coil contained in cabinet or carrying case. For those who desire simplicity in appearance and operation, this Master One Piece type machine offers the greatest efficiency possible.

        The entire mechanism is enclosed in a beautiful highly polished Hard Rubber Housing. It is light in weight and comes equipped with a handsome seal grain carrying case, and surface electrode No. 1.

        List Price ............................................. $12.50

        For 220 or 32 volts add $1.50.

        The new models of Master Violet Ray machines shown herein, are the result of years of experience in the exclusive sale and manufacture of these products. All Master machines are manfactured of the best material obtainable of highly skilled experienced workmen. Our various inspections are the most rigid it is possible to give.



        This machine represents the ideal portable machine. The adjustment knob acts as a switch and is located on the top of a beautiful highly polished panel of Formica. The handle of the machine is light in weight and makes a most compact and attractive portable model for those preferring the two piece type of construction. The carrying case is velvet lined, very strongly constructed, and the equipment contains the General Electrode, the Comb-Rake Electrode and the Eye Electrode.

        Price ........................ $20.00

        No extra charge for special voltage.

        The Master Electric Company specialize on the manufacture of Violet Ray machines, and are the largest exclusive manufacturers of Violet Ray machines in the world. Every machine is thoroughly inspected and you are assured of receiving a machine perfect in every detail and fully guaranteed by a responsible manufacturer.



        A very popular and fast selling outfit. Our superior one piece type outfit in beautiful silk lined carrying case. The applicators included are the general No. 1, Comb-Rake Electrode No. 3, external throat No. 4, eye No. 5, metal No. 12, and insulated internal throat No. 19. A most complete and beautiful equipment. This machine can also be furnished for operation on 32 volt or 220 volts without extra charge.

        Price .......……………….. $23.50

        No extra charge for special voltage.

        All Master Violet Ray outfits are designed to work on standard current 110 to 120 volts, A. C. or D. C.

        The output of Master instruments are truly marvelous, not only is the amperage tremendously high at the full adjustment, but the milli-amperage is great in volume, causing much heat at the point of application to the body, an effect most desirable and not found in other instruments.



        This machine is designed to meet the demand for a complete Violet Ray equipment of the two piece type for home and professional at a moderate price.

        The case is designed to hold five electrodes, which arc contained in a separate compartment with clips to hold the electrodes. A flap separates this compartment from the Generator. The case is velvet lined and very attractive.

        The equipment consists of the Surface Electrode, Comb-Rake Electrode, Throat Electrode, eye Electrode and Metal Saturator. In the illustration, a Cautery Electrode is shown in place of the eye Electrode, choice of either is given. If neither is designated, eye Electrode is furnished with the machine.

        A beautifully finished, quality product at a popular price. One of our most popular sellers. Distinctively a Master product.

        Price ................……………. $25.00

        No extra charge for special voltages.



        The Generator is mounted in a beautifully finished mahogany cabinet with silk connecting cord. The handle of the machine is light in weight and is in a separate Hard Rubber Housing. The cabinet and the housing are contained in a Karatol covered carrying case, which is lined with velvet throughout. The carrying case has a separate compartment for electrodes, which are protected by a flap, as shown in the illustration.

        Cabinet may be hung on wall or placed on table and used separate from case. Very popular model in beauty parlors and with professional people.

    For Physicians

        This outfit is similar to the 4A, but is equipped with special electrodes, for physician's use, consisting of one Body No. 1 and five Orificial electrodes. Nos. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.

        Price .............………………… $35.00



        This is the machine shown in the above illustration and comes equipped with the following electrodes: General Electrode, Comb-Rake Electrode, External Throat Electrode, Eye Electrode, Cautery Electrode and Metal Saturator.

        Price .......................................... $35.00



        This is a most complete outfit and a wonderful value. Has complete set of electrodes for all treatments. This generator is constructed with extra capacity condensers and has very great penetrative power, developing a current of great therapeutic value. Adjustment knob is located on top of highly polished Formica panel. The adjustment of this machine is truly remarkable, operating as it does on a ball bearing and holding a very minute adjustment, which is a very distinct feature with great lasting qualities. Carrying case is lined with velvet and is very beautiful in appearance. The very finest outfit to be secured. You will find nothing finer on the market at any price.

    The Electrode Equipment Is Most Complete

        Complete in velvet lined case with Surface Electrode No. 1 and Comb-Rake Electrode No. 3, Throat No. 4, Eye No. 5, spinal electrode No. 6, Prostatic Electrode No. 22 and Cautery Electrode No. 25.

        Price ........................... $50.00

        No extra charge for special voltage.

        As a very important improvement in connection with our magnet coil construction we have a resistance winding of special alloy wire, which acts as an equalizer between the kick back coil and main line, thereby absolutely avoiding overheating. Master Violet Ray machines can be run for a long period of time without showing signs of heating found ordinarily in all other makes of high frequency apparatus.



        The Ozone Generator is a special applicator designed for direct medication in nasal, throat, bronchial and lung effections.  It generates enormous quantities of ozone.  Ozone is a faint blue glas compound of oxygen and is formed by the passage of an electrical discharge through air.  Outdoors, we get ozone after a thunder storm and indoors the same effect can be produced mechanically with Violet Rays.

        Ozone treatments are very beneficial and excellent results are secured in all diseases of the Respiratory organs.  Influenza, Catarrh,  Bronchitis, Asthma, Hay Fever, etc., quickly show marked improvement from its use.

     The ozone permeates every cell, destroying germ life, and soothes the inflamed tissues.



        The Generator is pushed into the instrument handle, after filling the inhalant chamber one-fifth with inhalant solution, the current is turned on.  The left hand is then put around the ozone chamber while the other hand  actuates the pressure bulb at convenience.  The nostrils are placed over or tight against the nose-piece, and the ozone is forced down through the nose into the lungs by pressing the bulb.  The inhaling of the ozone should be deep and the air completely exhaled before taking another breath.  Inhalation may also be made through the mouth by changing the nose-piece for the mouth-piece.

        The inhalant solution contained in the upper chamber of the generator washes the ozone as it bubbles through it, allowing particles of it to be carried along in the form of vapor.  This inhalant solution is a splendid combination of essential oils which have a soothing effect upon the membranes and assist in healing.

        The complete outfit consists of the Generator, a nose-piece, a mouth-piece, pressure bulb, inhalant solution.

        Complete with all attachments as shown.  $18.00.




        Vacuum Glass Electrodes for High Frequency Violet Ray Application are made in two types.  Plain, or non-insulated, and insulated.  Insulated electrodes are used for Orificial treatments mostly, as they deliver a greater quantity of current at the desired locality.

        Master electrodes are made of the best grade of special glass, which will stand heavy usage without signs of deterioration.  The vacuum in Master electrodes is perfect.  The end of the electrodes are protected by metal caps, which insure greater life.  All electrodes are carefully tested and packed.


    No. 1  General Electrode. – For facial and body treatment, and for any surface application.  This applicator is supplied with all Master Violet Ray machines as a part of the instrument. 

    Price .......... $1.00 

    No. 2  Condenser Electrode. – As the name implies, it condenses the current and produces a strong, even flow; also generating electrical heat which is very desirable in deep-seated cases.  Used for Rheumatism, Lumbago, Neuritis, Etc. 

    Price .......... $3.50 

    No. 3  Comb-Rake Electrode. – Used for all scalp treatments; Falling Hair, Dandruff, Gray Hair, and for stimulating the hair cells. 

    Price ........... $2.25 

    No. 4  Throat Electrode. – Designed to fit over the neck.  Excellent results have been accomplished with this electrode in Goitre, Tonsilitis, Double Chin. 

    Price .......... $1.50 

    No. 5  Eye Electrode. – Single Eye electrode is desitned to fit closely over the eye.  When treatment is given only a slight warmth can be felt.  Is used for the treatment of all eye complaints and for strengthening the optic nerves. 

    Price .......... $1.00 

    No. 6  Spinal Electrode. – For all Spinal treatments.  Arranged so that it fits over both sides of the vertebrae. 

    Price .......... $1.50 

    No. 7Double Eye Electrode. – This electrode is used for the same purpose as the No. 5 Single Eye Electrode, but is designed for the treatment of both eyes at once.  It distributes the current evenly to both eyes and is recommended where both eyes are to be treated. 

    Price .......... $2.00 

    No. 8  Small Cataphoric Electrode. – This electrode is made with an indentation on the surface to hold absorbent cotton and liniment of any kind.  It is used in the treatment of Rheumatism, Lumbago, Neuralgia or, in fact, wherever liniment is used in connection with any Master Violet Ray machine. 

    Price .......... $3.50 

    No. 9  Large Cataphoric Electrode. – This electrode is used for the same purpose as No. 3, but has larger capacity, and greater space for cotton and liniment.  Used in the treatment of Rheumatism, Lumbago, Neuritis, etc., or wherever liniment is used. 

    Price .......... $4.50 

    No. 10  Spatula or Tongue Electrode. – Used for treatment of the mouth or tongue as its name implies. 

    Price .......... $2.00 

    No. 11  Insulated Ear Electrode. – This electrode has been specially designed for treatment of the ear.  It is used for the treatment of all Catarrhal conditions in the ear and for ear ache, deafness and head noises, etc. 

    Price .......... $2.25 

    No. 12  Metal Electrode. – This delivers a strong current and is excellent  for general tonic and where constitutional affects are desired.  When held by the patient, there is no muscular contraction, merely a sense of warmth through the entire body.  The current can also be drawn to any part of the body by using the No. 1 electrode or the fingers of the operator. 

    Price .......... $4.00 






         All Orificial electrodes must be lubricated before insertion.  For the sake of safety there should be two people in Orificial work, the patient and the operator.  The current should be turned on after inserting the electrode into the orifice and turned off before removing the electrode.  Orificial treatments are never painful.  The electrode should be moved slightly to avoid sticking to mucous membrane.  Treatments are not to be continued longer than five minutes. 


    No. 14  Urethral Electrode.   

    Price .......... $1.00 

    No. 15  Vaginal Electrode 

    Price .......... $1.00 

    No. 16  Internal Throat Electrode 

    Price .......... $1.00 

    No. 17  Rectal Electrode 

    Price . . . . . . . . $1.00 

    No. 18  Corn Electrode. – This electrode is used for the treatment of corns.  It fits snugly over the corns. 

    Price .......... $l.00 





         The advantage of insulated tubes is that the current may be introduced without loss into the orifice of the body.  In using plain electrode for an orifice, much of the current is lost at the first point of contact.  For instance if the prostatic gland is being treated with the plain electrode, much of the current is drawn off at the opening of the rectum, but if the insulated tube No. 22 is used, the current is conveyed to the desired point without loss of current. 


    No. 19  Nasal Electrode. – Used for rhinitis, nasal catarrh, etc. 

    Price .......... $2.00 

    No. 20  Internal Throat Electrode. – Used for tonsillitis, hypertrophy of the tonsils, ulcers of the toenails, etc. 

    Price .......... $2.00 

    No. 21  Urethral Electrode. – Used for cystitis, strictures, gonorrhea, etc. 

    Price .......... $2.00 

    No. 22  Prostatic Electrode. – Designed so that it fits directly over the prostatic gland.  In many cases this electrode can also be used for vaginal work in place of No. 24

    Price .......... $2.00 

    No. 23  Insulated Rectal Electrode 

    Price .......... $2.00 

    No. 24  Vaginal Electrode. – (without perforations). 

    Price .......... $2.25 

    No. 25  Cautery Electrode. – This has a platinum wire sealed in the glass.  For removing warts, moles, or growths of any nature, it cannot be excelled.  Very seldom is it necessary to give more than two treatments, most often one application  is all that is necessary. 

    Price .......... $2.00 

    No. 26  Special Vaginal Electrode. – Made with perforations so that ozone may be generated within the vagina.  Used for ovaritis, leucorrhea, vaginitis and all pelvic inflammations. 

    Price .......... $3.50 


        Keep the electrodes clean.  Washing with warm water and soap is sufficient.  Electrodes will stand heat and can be boiled in water.




        Neon Red Ray Electrode consists of an Electrode which has been highly evacuated and filled to a definite pressure with a very rare gas called Neon.  The process of securing Neon is very complicated and expensive, therefore, commercial price of Neon is extremely high.  Neon has two salient properties, the faculty of readily conducting electric current and emanating an orange red light which has proven itself to possess decided healing properties.  This light can be only secured through the use of Neon gas.  When these properties are used in High Frequency Electrodes a great increased efficiency is noticeable in the treatment of certain conditions.  The most sensitive parts may be treated with Neon Electrodes without irritation and they are extremely beneficial to any pustulous or inflamed condition.

        Neon electrodes may be used with any Master Violet Ray machine.




        All regular Violet Ray Electrodes listed at $1.00 can be supplied at $3.00 each.  All regular Violet Ray Electrodes listed at $1.50 and $2.00 can be supplied in Neon Electrodes at $4.00 each.



        This electrode is made of a special composition supplied in the Surface Electrodes only.  These electrodes not being made of glass are unbreakable.

         Price .......... $3.50


        The electrodes will lose their exhaustion in time and wear out much on the order of an electric light bulb.  When difficulty arises with the machine it is usually with the electrode.  Try another electrode before blaming the machine.  Master aViolet Ray seldom give the user trouble and will last indefinitely.  Nothing is to be oiled or adjusted.




        The Spinal Cord is contained in the Backbone or Spinal Column.  The Spinal Cord is an extension of the brain.  The nerves branch out from the spinal cord and go to all parts and organs of the body.


    Larynx and parotid gland 

    Phrenic nerve supplies diaphragm 

    Upper trachia and esophagus 

    7th cervical nerve 

    Inferior cervical ganglia of sympathetic nervous system 

    8th cervical nerve 

    Bronchial tubes 

    Upper heart 


    Lower heart 


    Stomach and duodenum 



    Pancreas and spleen 



    Kidneys and prostate 

    Bladder, peritoneum, 

    Right side supplies the cecum and appendix 

    Left side supplies the sigmoid process 

    Bladder and lower bowel


        Pain or tenderness at any point along the spine signifies involvement of that corresponding organ.  Both the organ and the spine should be treated.

        By Violet Ray treatments these Spinal Nerve Centers can be stimulated to cause the parts and organs which are controlled by them to respond.

        High frequency application to the correct spinal region will restore an organ which has lost its natural tone or shows impaired activity. The normal state of the organ or part will be regained so that its duty can be properly carried out.




        The following are suggestions. In most instances the individual will develop their own technique in their own case.

        Violet Ray treatments need not be of long duration. Short treatments at frequent intervals are very effective. Always start with the weakest current possible. The initial discharge which occurs when you bring the electrode to the body in making contact should be avoided. Make contact with electrode quickly when beginning and finishing treatment. If metal object like hairpins, corset steels, chains, etc., cannot be avoided in the treatments they should be removed.


        There is no quackery or uncertainty about the Violet-Ray High-Frequency Current. It is a thorough cell massage, and a wonderful stimulant, and while it is by no means put forward as a cure-all, yet it is of the utmost aid in restoring to normal the physical condition impaired from almost any cause. The results obtained are universally beneficial and can never in any instance be harmful.


        The following are suggestions for the treatment of disease taken from cases where physicians or clinics have obtained excellent results. Not all cases will be cured through High-Frequency alone, but in every case it is a valuable adjunct to other treatment; in fact, many cases have been greatly benefitted where medical treatment has failed.

    Alopecia or Falling Hair – Use Comb-Rake Electrode No. 3. Use a mild current at first, which can be increased with treatments. Pass the comb back and forth over the entire scalp for about five minutes every day. This same treatment can be used for gray hair in restoring it to natural color. Use same treatment for baldness. Do not use the Violet-Ray on the hair immediately after applying any preparation containing more than forty percent of alcohol.

    Acne: Pimples – Treat the entire surface for about seven minutes with the Surface electrode No. 1. If the skin is damp, either apply talcum powder, or treat through handkerchief or other clean cloth. Use a medium current.

    Anemia – General application to the entire body. Treat with Surface electrode No. 1 over the chest, and Throat electrode No. 4 on throat glands, the treatment to last from five to ten minutes. The Ozone Generator is also of the utmost benefit.

    Ammenorrhea – Irregularity – Suppressed Menses – With the vaginal tube No. 24 or 26, an emmenagogue effect can be produced. Apply any antiseptic lubricant to tube. Give 10 minute treatments every other day. Also apply surface electrode No. 1 to spine, 5 to 10 minutes.

    Abscess --To abort an abscess, the use of the surface electrode has been found to be the most beneficial. Keep tube in contact with skin. Apply any antiseptic lubricant on tube before applying. Give 5 to 10 minute treatments.

    Adhesions – In conditions following operation or inflammatory conditions, use the Condenser Electrode No. 2. Apply any antiseptic lubricant on tube. Give 10 to 15 minute treatments daily.

    Asthma – Apply Surface electrode No. 1 or Condenser No. 2 over the chest and throat glands for about 5 minutes with a strong current. Treatment of Asthma is also found to be very successful by the use of the Ozone attachment, filling it with one dram of Oil of Pine; 1 dram of Oil of Eucalyptol; 5 minims Beechwood creosote. Inhale 3 to 5 minutes daily.

    Atrophy of the Optic Nerve – By the use of the eye electrode No. 5 excellent results have been attained. Single or double electrode. Intensity of current should be regulated very low, giving 10-minute treatments daily. Apply to the lids, closed.

    Ataxia – Use as strong a current as can be tolerated, to spine, over abdomen, and back of legs. Give milder treatment as improvement is noticed.

    Barber's Itch – General treatment with electrode No. 1 for five minutes daily.

    Blepharitis – Infection Edges of Eye Lids--Excellent results can be produced by the use of the eye Electrode No. 5: treatments 10 minutes daily. Also use throat tube No. 4 to go around area of the conjunctiva or mucous membrane of the eye 5 minutes.

    Boils – Furunculosis – In treatment of Boils, excellent results have been obtained by giving a light spark around area of infection with the surface electrode No. 1and then applying the electrode direct on same twice daily, 5 minute treatments.

    Bruises – Use surface electrode No. 1 over area affected. Treatments about five to ten minutes. Medium or strong current.

    Bunions – Use surface electrode No. 1 in direct contact with skin, with medium current for about five minutes.

    Burns – Apply electrode in close contact with the burned area, using a mild current for a short time, two or three times a day.

    Brain Fag – Use applicator No. 1 over forehead, eyes. Also treat the back of head and neck with strong current in direct contact with the skin. Treat the spine and hold the electrode in the hand. Ozone inhalations for about four minutes are also of importance.

    Blackheads – A mild to medium treatment of five minutes daily. Use Surface electrode No. 1 and apply talcum powder before treating.

    Bronchitis – By the use of the Ozone attachment, very beneficial results and great relief can be obtained immediately. Use same mixture as in treatment of Asthma.

    Carbuncle – Use the surface electrode No. 1, applying same direct, 10 to 15 minutes daily.

    Cataract – Great relief can be obtained in the early stage of cataract by the use of the eye Electrode, either single or double, with a very fine current, not exceeding 1/8-inch in length.

    Callouses – Use a strong electric current with Surface electrode No. 1. The current can also be applied by holding electrode a short distance from the skin.

    Cancer – Surface cancers not too far developed can be treated with Cautery electrode No. 25. Anesthetics may be required. Surgery is usually necessary.

    Carbuncles – See Boils.

    Catarrh – Nasal – In this condition the nasal tube is used within the nose with a mild current within the nasal passages, 2 to 3 minutes on each side, followed by an application with the surface electrode externally over the area of the nose. Use ozone generator.

    Catarrh of Womb – Use Vaginal electrode No. 24 or No. 26 for five minutes daily. Electrode to be lubricated before insertion.

    Chilblains – Use surface electrode No. 1 with strong spark applied directly to the skin. Treatment to last about ten minutes.

    Cold in Head – See Nasal Catarrh.

    Cold in Lungs – See Asthma.

    Cold Extremities – Apply surface electrode No. 1 direct to affected parts, using a strong spark for about five minutes. Also apply electrode to the spine; keep the electrode about one-half inch from the skin until the surface is red.

    Constipation – Apply surface electrode No. 1 over the bowels. Apply for about ten minutes, moving the electrode. Use a strong current. Physicians use Rectal electrode No. 23 for insertion into the Rectum. Orificial treatments last about five minutes.

    Cervicitis – The use of the vaginal electrode No. 24 is very effective, giving 10 minutes daily. Use any antiseptic lubricant on same before inserting.

    Coryas – Use the surface electrode No. 1, rubbing same over forehead and sides of face 15 minutes daily.

    Cystitis – With the use of the rectal No. 23 and urethral No. 21 tubes, remarkable results have been obtained. Give 5 minutes daily, using any antiseptic lubricant on the electrodes.

    Dandruff – See Alopecia.

    Deafness, Earache and Ear Diseases – Apply Ear electrode with very mild current into the ear. Care must be exercised so as to not touch the ear drum. Three to five minutes is sufficient.

    Diabetes – Apply surface electrode No. 1 over the abdomen and spine through a thin towel or cloth for ten minutes. Diet must be observed. Complete results must not be expected before several months.

    Diphtheria – Apply surface electrode No. 1 to outside of throat and spine. Insulated Throat electrode, inside. Treatment not over ten minutes, repeated at short intervals. Ozone inhalations are also of great advantage.

    Dyspepsia – Use electrode No. 1 or No. 2 over the stomach and solar plexus with a strong current for about ten minutes.

    Eczema – By the use of the surface electrode No. 1, excellent results have been obtained by giving the patient as much current as can be endured. Another beneficial way of treating is to apply gauze over the area and go over same with the electrode.

    Enteritis – In acute cases of Enteritis not as beneficial results may be expected as in chronic cases, but same can be treated by giving tonic applications with the surface electrode No. 1 over the area of the abdomen. 15-minute treatments daily. In chronic cases, excellent results can be obtained by giving treatment twice daily with the condenser electrode.

    Epididymitis – Great relief is given immediately by the use of the surface electrode No. 1 in the area involved. Give 15 minutes daily.

    Erosions of the Cervix Uteri – Excellent results have been obtained by the use of the vaginal electrode No. 24. Bring tube in contact with the Cervix, giving 10 minutes daily, using any antiseptic lubricant on the tube.

    Freckles – Cover surface with gauze and treat daily with a medium current of from five to ten minutes' duration. Results are quite apt to be very slow and patience is required.

    Frost Bites – See Chilblains.

    Fissure – Anal – Remarkable results, and in many cases complete recovery, can be expected by the use of the rectal electrode No. 23 tube. Apply an antiseptic lubricant on the tube before inserting, giving 10 minutes daily.

    Goitre – In Goitre cases, by the use of the surface electrode No. 1, the tube contact with the surface should be kept in light contact of the skin, treating the sides of the neck as well as over the Goitre itself, giving 10-minute treatments daily.

    Gonorrhea – In sub-acute or chronic forms, marked beneficial results have been obtained by the use of the urethral No. 21 or vaginal No. 24 electrodes. Apply any antiseptic lubricant on tubes before inserting. Give 7-minute treatments daily.

    Gleet – By the use of the urethral No. 21 and the rectal No. 23 tubes, unusual results have been obtained. Insert same with any antiseptic lubricant, giving 10 to 15 minute treatments daily.

    Grippe – Breathing through Ozone Generator gives immediate relief. Follow with treatments over side of nose, and in some cases with Nasal electrode No. 13 internally. Treatment five to ten minutes.

    Gout – Apply surface electrode No. 1 to the spine to stimulate the system. Then apply surface electrode No. 1 to the painful area with a medium current, keeping the electrode in contact with the skin but moving same about. Pain may be noticed at first but results are certain if treatment is continued.

    Gray Hair – The natural color of the hair may often be restored by continued and patient treatments with electrode No. 3. See Alopecia. Several months are usually required for results. Use a current for stimulation at least once a day. Read Eberhardt's Manual.

    Hay Fever – Apply surface electrode No. 1 over the nose and along spine with medium current for five minutes. Apply electrode No. 19 in nostrils for a short time. Treatment must be of short duration but frequently repeated. Use the Ozone Generator freely, it being advisable to Ozonate the entire room with it. For satisfactory results treatments should commence two or three weeks before period of attack.

    Headaches – Frontal and Occipital headaches are relieved by using the surface tube No. 1 over the seat of pain. Keep the tube in loose contact and prolong the treatment until relief takes place, which usually takes from 5 to 10 minutes.

    Hemorrhoids – With the use of the rectal tube No. 23, temporary relief may be obtained by giving 5-minute treatments daily.

    Herpes-Zoster – Application of the Condenser Electrode in the eruption of Herpes. Recovery can be hastened by giving 10-minute treatment daily. 3 to 5 treatments are usually sufficient.

    Impotence – The most beneficial way of treating this condition is by the use of the prostatic tube No. 23 with plenty of spark. Use the surface electrode No. 1 slightly raised over the area of the spine from 5 to 7 minutes daily. Direct application with special electrode is also of great importance. This electrode can be used for 5 to 10 minutes. Treatments once or twice daily.

    Incontinence of Urine – Apply the surface electrode No. 1 over the area of the spine, raising same slightly; also apply electrode around the area of the Bladder. Five minutes daily.

    Influenza – Treat the spine and solar plexus with the No. 1 electrode. Also over the area and the sides of the nose. Treatments to the spine are made through a towel for five minutes. Also use Ozone Generator.

    Insomnia – The method most beneficial has been the use of the Condenser Electrode which is kept in tight contact with the back of the head and the neck, going down the spine for about 5 minutes daily before retiring.

    Intra-Ocular Hemorrhages – The eye Electrode No. 5 in contact with the closed lids using a very light current for about 5 minutes has produced favorable results in many cases.

    Iritis – Treat as outlined above. Good results have been obtained in Syphilitic-Iritis.

    Jaundice – By the use of the Condenser Electrode No. 2, great relief can be obtained. Apply electrode over the area of the liver 10 minutes daily.

    Laryngitis – The Throat Electrode either by the loose contact or mild spark will greatly aid in treatment of this nature. Ozone inhalations are most advisable.

    Lumbago – Apply the current through the clothing with as strong a current as can be tolerated. Continue treatment until pain is gone. Keep the electrode moving and give long treatment.

    Leucorrhea – Use Vaginal electrodes No. 24 or 26, lubricating before insertion. A medium treatment for five minutes is applied and repeated as circumstances require. Current should be turned on after insertion of electrode and off before removal of electrode. Antiseptic douches in connection.

    Meterrhea – Treat the same as Amenorrhea.

    Neuralgia – To obtain a hurried relief of neuralgia, the surface electrode No. 1 should be used. Pass back and forth in light contact with the skin, giving 10-minute treatment as needed.

    Neuritis – Use surface electrode No. 1 for five minutes at a time. Several treatments a day are advisable. Use light current at first and gradually increase same. Apply locally or to entire body, depending upon the condition.

    Obesity – Apply surface electrode No. 1 or Condenser Electrode No. 2 for fifteen minutes twice daily. Use very strong current. Fats will be consumed by increase of oxidation but diet must be reduced and watched.

    Orchitis – Relief can be immediately obtained with the surface electrode No. 1 over the area of the testicles, giving 5-minute treatments.

    Parotitis – The Condenser Electrode No. 2, using a medium intensity of current over the diseased area, giving 5 to 10-minute treatments daily, is very beneficial.

    Pharyngitis – In acute forms with the use of the throat Electrode, quick relief can be obtained. Give 5-minute treatments daily.

    Pleurisy – Using the Condenser Electrode No. 2 over the front and back of the chest until a marked reddening of the skin indicates a counter irritation. Two or three treatments are necessary in acute cases and one daily in chronic cases.

    Psoriasis – This is treated by the same technique as that employed in eczema.

    Piles – See Hemorrhoids.

    Rheumatism – The Condenser Electrode No. 2 is of exceptional value in chronic and muscular rheumatism. Apply the electrode over the area 10 to 15 minutes daily.

    Ringworm – Use the surface electrode No. 1 and apply short sparks several times a day with a medium current for several minutes.

    Scars (Narben) – By the use of the surface electrode No. 1 a softening effect can be produced on soft tissue, treating same 5 to 7 minutes daily.

    Sciatica (Ischias) – Apply the Condenser Electrode No. 2 along the course of the nerve and over the lower part of the spine, giving 10-minute treatments daily.

    Sinusitis – The use of the surface electrode No. 1 gives a hurried relief by applying same over the area of the Sinuses daily for 5 minutes.

    Sore Throat and Throat Diseases (wunder Rachen, Kehle) – Use Internal Throat electrode No. 20 with medium current for five minutes, and for the External Throat electrode No. 4 on the outside of the throat for the same period of time.

    Stiff Neck and Joints (Steifer Hals und Gelenke) – Apply Surface electrode, using the same method as explained in Neuritis.

    Tonsilitis – Use treatment as above for Sore Throat. Ozone treatments are also of importance.

    Tuberculosis – In the incipient type of tuberculosis, exceedingly good results can be obtained and tubercul bacilli eliminated by the use of the Ozone attachment, filling same with one-half dram of oil of eucalyptol, and one dram of oil of pine, ten minims of beechwood creosote, using the same morning and night, with the use of the General Electrode over the area of the chest. This will also be found beneficial using same 10 minutes daily.

    Urticaria – Hives – Urticaria can be quickly eliminated by the use of the surface electrode No. 1, going back and forth over the area for 10 minutes daily until condition is gone.

    Warts and Other Small Growths – The Fulguration electrode should be used, as it throws a fine sharp spark. Apply to growths long enough to cauterize the surface. A few seconds is usually all that is necessary. Wait a day or two for results and, if necessary, repeat. Where there is no Fulguration electrode the Surface electrode can be used by holding it about one-eighth inch from the growth and allowing the sparks to pass from the edge of the glass.

    Writer's Cramp – In this condition a hurried relief can be effected by the use of the surface tube No. 1 over the area of condition, using same until condition is relieved.

    Wry Neck – Torticollia – Using the No. 1 or No. 2 electrode over the area of the neck and down the spine daily for 10 minutes, relief can be effected.



    The Master Violet Ray

    1.  Insert glass applicator into the instrument.

    2.  Attach the connecting plug to the lamp socket.

    3.  Turn the current on.

    4.  Adjustment of the Violet Ray discharge is obtained by the adjusting knob.  To the right the discharge increases, to the left it decreases.

    5.  Start any treatment with a mild discharge and increase it gradually to the required strength.

    6.  Take good care of the connecting cord.  Keep it dry and free from knots and twists.  Have it repaired in time if signs of wear appear.


    1.  Do not attempt to repair the apparatus.  If the necessity arises, write to the Factory advising of your difficulties and you will be informed what to do.

    2.  Do not use the Master in connection with any tonic or medicant containing a large percentage of alcohol on the hair or any part of the body.

    3.  Be careful with the apparatus and when not in use turn the current off.  Be on the safe side and remove the connecting plug from the lamp socket after use.

    4.  Do not use in connection with electric bath.

        NOTE:  Damages arising from carelessness are not covered by our guarantee.  If instructions are properly followed, the Master will last indefinitely.

        Unless otherwise specified, all machines will be furnished to operate on standard voltage of 110 to 120 volts.  Machines can also be furnished to operate on 220 volts and 32 volts.




        The Master Violet Ray is the most practical, serviceable instrument you can secure. They are designed to meet the requirements for a high grade Violet Ray for the home as well as the profession.

        Its simplicity of operation, wide range of adjustment, durability, beauty and unique construction make it the ideal general purpose Violet Ray. We challenge anyone to offer a better Violet Ray at anywhere near its price.

        Master Violet Ray instruments are equipped with perfectly balanced coils which prevent their overheating, a feature that should not be overlooked when purchasing any Violet Ray. Because of this feature, our instruments may be used constantly for long periods without fear of overheating.

        Every point of construction, every piece of material used, is given careful attention with the view of placing in the purchaser's hands the best your money can buy. An instrument that will give service when needed and one that will not break down under continued use.

        We manufacture only high grade, substantial machines. Quality considered, the price is most reasonable, within everybody's reach.

        These and the fact that thousands of others are deriving complete satisfaction from the use of their instruments, are the reasons why you should insist on securing the Master Violet Ray only.

        The wonderful Master Violet Ray treatments are now within the reach of every man, woman and child in the world. The remarkable curative and health promoting properties of Violet Rays are available in every home at a cost so low that nobody can afford to be without a Master Instrument. The machine will last for years and pay for itself over and over again.