Renulife Violet Ray (1919 Manual)
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This Book
is compiled from reliable
information. The statements
are conservative and based on the
highest authorities.
is not claimed to be a cure-
all, but its action is systematic
as well as local and therefore
it is beneficial in a wide
range of diseases.
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Health – A Priceless Asset

    To say health is priceless may seem an over-estimate of its value to those who have never felt its lack. But let health be once lost and even the most miserly would give the wealth of kings, if they had it to recover this precious thing.

    Fortunately, we are living in the day of modern science – that wonder-working hand-maid of nature, and our lot, no matter how hard, holds bright hope of relief as compared to the darkness and suffering of the days of old.

    It is now well known that nature herself is a most wonderful physician. She welcomes, appreciates and responds quickly to any intelligent aid extended.

    A method of treatment therefore, which actually works with nature, assisting in re-establishing correct and normal relation between functions of the body and working toward that result without disturbing any sound and healthy conditions which already exist, and without causing harmful after-effects – is really the only safe road to the recovery of health.

    Drugs are far from ideal. So often their use leads only to disappointment – or worse.

    We believe every person suffering from any ailment for which Violet Kay Treatment is recommended is entirely justified in expecting relief and permanent benefits from the use of our Renulife Violet Ray High Frequency Generators. These instruments render simple, safe and effective (even in the hands of the most inexperienced person), this great corrective agent.

    The mighty forces of electricity are harnessed in a health-giving administration. as pleasant and as safe as sunshine – yet powerfully effective. This scientific modification of electric current works always with nature, never in opposition.

    We believe that we may be pardoned for taking pride in having designed and produced a Violet Ray apparatus for self-treatment, procurable at a price within the reach of all-an instrument that makes possible persistent daily application. This continuous treatment, in many chronic cases, is more sure of results than less often applications which might be given by a specialist employing the most expensive apparatus.

    We are glad to have had a part in what we consider (and our opinion isconfirmed by the statements of hundreds of appreciative people), a most valuable contribution to the general health, by having made available to people in their homes, this scientific, sensible and effective method of maintaining and regaining Priceless Health.



Renulife Electric Company
Originators and Manufacturers of
Renulife Violet Ray Generators
Copyright 1919 Renulife Electric Co., Inc.

High Frequency Violet Ray Simply Explained

    High Frequency electric current has an entirely different effect on the human body than the crude, shocking results produced by ordinary current. There is no shock, pain nor muscular contraction from High Frequency application. This is due to the change which has been made in the current by conducting it through a series of special coils and other units which make up the Violet Ray Generator. The same current that is brought into the house for lighting and to furnish power is completely modified. Its volume or amperage is reduced to a low measure, while the pressure or voltage is tremendously increased and the oscillation raised exceedingly high. The result is that when this current is applied to the human body our nerves are insensible to the electric waves because of their enormous rapidity of movement. The High Frequency current is pleasant and painless, yet penetrative and effective.

    High Frequency is applied by a vacuum glass attachment called the electrode in which the High Frequency current shows in a violet colored glow. From this is given the common name of Violet Ray.

The Physiological Action of Violet Ray

    The Violet Ray acts on the blood, circulation, nervous system, cells and tissues.

    There is some intimate relation between electricity and life itself. Science has not yet exactly defined this relation, but the evidence of its existence is accumulating as the world's knowledge increases. Some have gone so far as to declare that "electricity is life."

    High Frequency current – Violet Ray – works in harmony with and to the benefit of life cells. Wonderful demonstrations have recently been made showing that even vegetation responds in an astonishing manner to this force. Gardens have been charged with High Frequency current causing the germinating life in the seed to spring up with a rapidity of growth and luxuriant

development most remarkable. Processes for the employment of High Frequency in plant culture are now perfected for commercial use.

    The physiological action of Violet Ray applied through the glass vacuum electrode may be summarized: Benefits all nutritive processes; the oxygenation of blood and tissue and increased elimination. To these primary results is attributed the great potency of the Violet Ray as an agent for relieving and eradicating human ills and restoring normal, healthy functioning of disordered parts.

    There is no painful sensation produced when the vacuum tube is held firmly in the hand or directly in contact with the skin of the body. Some heat is noticeable. When removing the tube away from the point of contact a stimulating spark is produced.

Summary of Vacuum Tube Effects

1. Increase blood supply to a given area.

2. Increase oxygen in the blood.

3. Increase elimination of waste products.

4. Increase bodily heat without a corresponding rise in temperature.

5. Locally germicidal.

6. Mild sparks stimulate or soothe according to length and character of application.

7. Strong spirits are caustic.

8. Sparks to the spine increase the arterial tension.

    These effects while essentially local, are not necessarily so. The current traverses the body in all directions from the point of entry, but is, of course, most intense and pronounced at the latter point.

Violet Ray High Frequency for Following Ailments






(Baldness)  (Kahlheit)

Blackheads  (Mitesser)

Brain Fag 



Bruises  (Prellung, Quetschung, Bluterguss)


Circulatory Disorders 




Deafness (Schwerhφrigkeit, Taubheit) and Ear Diseases 



Facial Neuralgia 

Enlarged Prostate 

Falling Hair 

Female Complaint 

Goiter   (Kropf)

Gout  (Gicht)


Hay Fever 

Infantile Paralysis 



Locomotor Ataxia 


Nervous Affections 





Pain in Abdomen and Chest 


Piles (Hδmorrhiden) 




Scars (Narben) 

Sciatica (Ischias) 

Skin Diseases 

Sore Throat and throat diseases 

Sprains (Verstauchung, Verdrehung) 


Weak Eyes 


Warts and Moles


Made Safe for Home Treatment

    The Renulife Violet Ray High Frequency Generator is so designed that anyone may take treatments right in his or her own home for any of the above diseases, with the aid of our charts and directions, which are written by experts.

    It is absolutely harmless and may be used upon the most delicate invalid or child without the least fear of injury. It is impossible to obtain a shock and there can be no possible harmful results.

Most Compact and Convenient

    The Renulife Generators are the most compact,efficient and lowest priced Violet Ray generators on the market. They deliver a current of exceedingly high voltage and frequency, so necessary in electrical treatments. The length and strength of spark or strength of current is controlled by a convenient knob placed on top of the generator.

    Renulife generators are so designed that the operator does not have to carry the entire weight of the instrument in the hand when giving or taking treatments, as the handle is separate from the case of generator. This handle is light in weight and treatment may be given by a small child: there is absolutely no fear of a shock or disagreeable spark.

    As will be seen by the illustrations the generators are very handsome in appearance. They are a most valuable addition to any home and will deliver the currents necessary for all classes of work.

Improved and Patented Features

    Embodied in Renulife Generators are several improved features of construction affording added simplicity, convenience, durability and effectiveness to our instruments. The advantages of these patented features are not available with any other generators on the market.

Some Uses of Renulife Violet Ray

    We do not attempt in this booklet to give full specific directions for applying the Violet Ray treatment. We briefly describe some of the many uses. The treatment chart and directions for operating accompanying each instrument takes up in detail just how to accomplish best results in treating each of the ailments enumerated.


    Rheumatism of whatever kind is almost sure of certain relief by treatment with the Renulife Generator. This may sound unreasonable to those who have suffered the tortures of Rheumatism, but it is true. We have known instances where after a single treatment of the Renulife Generator a sufferer has walked out and forgotten the cane with which he hobbled into the office. A thorough treatment has never been known not to give relief and in some cases every trace of the disease has disappeared in a very few treatments.

    In a few moments the inflammation is taken out and the pain relieved. In severe cases which have been dragging along for years a series of treatments is generally required.


    Neuritis is an inflamed condition of the nerves, the pain simulating the pain of Rheumatism or Neuralgia. Any nerve may be involved. Brachial Neuritis is a common form. One high authority has stated that no matter what nerve is involved, the High Frequency current is curative in all cases.


    This is a disease which grips you in the small of the back. It is in reality rheumatism of the back. No matter how severe the pain the Renulife Generator will give relief in the very first treatment and normal conditions completely restored.

    You apply through your clothing to get the stimulating effect that brings circulation quickly to the part causing discomfort.


    The old definition of neuralgia: "The cry of a starved nerve for blood" holds to the present day, and the High Frequency Violet Ray current will certainly supply this want. "Starved nerve" implies that the nutrition fed to the nerves through the blood is below normal. By using the Violet Ray current the oxygen and nutrition in the blood are increased and the nerves are nourished and restored to normal.

Sciatica (Ischias)

    Sciatica (Ischias) is in reality simply neuralgia of the Sciatic nerves. The same thing can be said of Sciatica (Ischias) as of neuralgia or neuritis. In a few treatments the irritated nerves are soothed and the pain disappears like magic.

Statements of Renulife Users 1B>

Headache and Nerves – Received a Model E Generator and I am very pleased with it. My headache left me and my nerves are much quieter. 

Rheumatism Beaten – A few years sufferer of the same ailment, Rheumatism, and I was cured with one or your outfits, so you see I have great confidence in them. 

Walked out Well – Have just relieved one of our friends of Sciatic Rheumatism; walked in a cripple, walked out as wen an any one else. 

Returned to Heath – Your Generators are all that you claim them to be and then some. I have proven that to my neighbors by curing my wife from rheumatism. Three months ago she could not walk and had to be carried, today she does all of her housework and shopping – thanks to your Generators. 

Rheumatism Conqueror – Treated another gentleman for Rheumatism today, with good results. Had been home from work for three weeks. The other case was seven weeks; with five treatments they are doing fine, have no more pain and can do their work. One we had was of four months' standing; one treatment seems to have fixed this case alright. 

Good Results – Received Generator and have had good results from it for backache and rheumatism. 

For Sciatica (Ischias) – In regard to Model E Generator which I have used for eight treatments for Sciatica (Ischias), I am more than pleased with it. Received more relief in this short time than I have from anything else in the last eighteen months, doping myself with many other patent medicines and liniments.



Nervous Diseases

    The Renulife Generator does to the nerves just what the name implies. It renews the life of the nerves. By treating the spinal column with High Frequency Violet Ray current the entire sympathetic nervous system is given a cellular massage which can only be obtained by this method of treatment by electricity. The most severe cases of Insomnia, Brain Fag, Neurasthenia or Nervous Breakdown yield in a remarkably short time to this wonderful little agent which is within the reach of every one, namely the Renulife Generator.


    Treatment with the Renu-life Generators will in ninety-nine out of one hundred cases give instant relief.

    The Violet Ray stimulates the circulation, enables the blood to throw off the poisons which are at the root of the disturbance, and improves the general physical condition, so the headache is automatically relieved.

Where Headaches Occur

    Headaches at A or B are congestive or frontal Eye trouble, or frontal sinus or nasal disease may cause the ache at A. Also such pain may come from disordered stomach. A-B, from constipation, C, anemia or bladder disease. D, E. from disorders of middle ear or of throat, eyes or teeth. E, nervousness, spinal irritation or female trouble.


    Paralysis is merely a symptom of certain forms of injury which causes the complete or partial loss of motor function of the muscle fiber. Excellent results are obtained by the application of High Frequency current. The more obstinate cases may require continued treatments to attain the best results.

Goiter (Kropf)

    Excellent results have been recorded in the treatment of Goiter. The High Frequency Violet Ray has a tendency to dissolve and absorb any growth tissues. Physicians report that they have had but very few cases of Goiter which did not yield to the Violet Ray Treatment.

    The external throat electrode is so shaped as to fit around the throat.


    Constipation has been called the mother of diseases. Certainly it is responsible for more ills than most people suspect. Nervousness, Headache, Backache, Pimples on the Face, and a host of other ailments can be traced directly to constipation.

    Treatments of the abdomen with the Violet Ray Generator stimulate the bowels to do their intended work and there is no unnatural process whatever. You will notice results very quickly when you begin to apply the Renulife Generator.


    Everyone knows the pangs of indigestion, the burning, aching, scalding pain we call heartburn.

    By the application of the Violet Ray current the pain and discomfort are removed, the flow of gastric juices is promoted and the natural action of the stomach or bowel is stimulated and assisted.

Eczema and Skin Diseases

    Those suffering with Eczema and Skin Diseases have long given up hope of curing themselves of their dread ailment by means of salves, ointments. etc., as they do nothing more than soothe for the time being. High Frequency Electricity is recommended by Physicians and used by Specialists as the only relief for these diseases of the skin.


Statements of Renulife Users 2

    I had a stroke of paralysis two years ago and spent thousands of dollars seeking a cure but without results. In fact I have derived more benefit from your Violet Rays in three weeks than all other treatments combined. I feel almost certain of a complete cure. My arm and hand are as good as ever and I can walk comfortably and without a cane. I am feeling fine in awry way. Three weeks ago I was ready for the junk pile. I cannot express sufficient thanks to you for my wonderful improvement. Any service I might render you, kindly advise as it will be a pleasure to me.


Catarrhal Deafness

    In Deafness (Schwerhφrigkeit, Taubheit)resulting from catarrh the application of High Frequency current will yield remarkable results when applied directly in the ear by means of our ear electrode. In a few treatments the ringing in the ears, which almost without exception accompanies the Deafness (Schwerhφrigkeit, Taubheit)caused by catarrh, will in most cases stop and in continued treatments the hearing will be bettered to a great extent.

    The warmth from electrode is pleasant, while the high frequency current overcomes the congestion.

Prostatic Diseases

    The results following the Violet Ray High Frequency treatment of all forms of prostatic diseases are extraordinary; physicians report 90 per cent cures in all cases with no cases in which very perceptible improvement was not recorded.

Warts and Moles

    No longer need you have that feeling of discomfort in the presence of others by the fact that your hands or face are covered with ugly looking warts or moles. Treatment with the Renulife Generator removes them and leaves no scar.

Anemia and Poor Circulation

    The primary action of High Frequency Violet Ray Electricity as generated by the Renulife Generator is to increase the circulation of the blood, when the vacuum electrodes are applied, there is soon produced a redness or hyperemia with all the resultant benefits of nutrition.

    It is this building up of the circulation which is so extremely beneficial in all cases of Anemia, Chlorisis, Arteriosclerosis, etc.

    Besides the increased circulation we also have by actual count an increased number of white blood corpuscles, which are the most active agents in destroying all disease germs which threaten us with all forms of disease.


Statements of Renulife Users 3

M. D. Having Great Success – I am having great success in the treatment of weak eyes. 

Eyes Improving – I have had the machine one week and am well pleased with it and my eyes are improving.


Weak Eyes

    The first treatment of Violet Ray HighFrequency Electricity will leave a pleasant, delightful. restful, sensation in the eyes. All cases of weakening of the Optic nerves, inflammation or eyestrain are benefited in a remarkably short time so that the user of the Renulife Generator regards it as a thing of magic.

    Again results are accomplished by a betterment of the circulation in the parts treated.

Scalp and Hair Treatment

    Practically every disease of the scalp, such as Dandruff, Itching Scalp, Falling Hair, Grey Hair, etc., can be traced directly to the improper circulation of the blood flowing through the scalp.

    If we were to starve ourselves we could not live; consequently when the blood carrying the Oxygen and nutrition to the scalp becomes clogged or congested, the scalp does not receive its food. It is natural that it should die. This it actually does do and results in the above mentioned diseases.

    When the Violet Ray is applied to the scalp through the electrode, its primary action is to increase the circulation of the blood. Besides increased circulation it increases the supply of Oxygen or nutrition in the blood. Thus the parts which were slowly starving to death are built up. nourished and restored to normal.

    Falling Hair, Dandruff and Itching Scalp are relieved after a very few treatments. Results are manifest right after the first treatment. The hair takes on a lifelike, glossy appearance. Dandruff and Falling Hair cease and there is no more unpleasant itching. It takes longer to restore the natural color to Grey Hair, but a little persistence will do it and many of the testimonials on file at our office from users in every part of the country testify as to the wonderful results obtained in treating diseases of the scalp.

    The rake comb electrode No. 2. is for scalp treatment.


Statements of Renulife Users 4

Restoration of Hair, Etc. – Sometime ago I purchased one of your Violet Ray Generators and have used it with excellent results for the restoration of hair and for stiff and sore rheumatic finger joints. 

Improved Hair – Have taken High Frequency Treatment and find it beneficial to one's health. It also strengthened my beard and improved my hair considerably.

Treat yourself
for scalp afflictions
or to improve
the health
and quality of
your hair




    The largest and best known Beauty Parlors with branches in every large city in the United States have adopted the Violet Ray as essential equipment.

    Our Renulife Violet Ray Generators designed for self treatments, virtually bring to your home all the advantages of the modern beauty shop. In fact you are enabled to effect even more gratifying results than are possible through an occasional treatment at the hands of an expert because daily you may make use of this wonderful agency which works with Nature to refresh and restore.

    The Violet Ray is applied through the surface electrode as a massage. When the Face, Chin, Neck and Bust are treated with the Violet Ray, the blood is brought to the surface, the soft muscles are gently massaged, the lines fill out, the wrinkles disappear, and the bloom of Health is renewed.

    The Violet Ray treatment is delightfully pleasant and is the most effective method ever discovered to retain a youthful appearance and to gain Beauty. It will remove blemishes, warts. moles, wrinkles, crows' feet, pouches under the eyes, blackheads and sagging lines of the face and chin. A single treatment will convince you that it is a crime against yourself to be without a Renulife Generator when all marks and lines can be so quickly removed.

    Besides the treatment directly to face with surface electrode, which treatment you can readily give yourself, you will find it very beneficial to hold in hand general electrode or preferably the metal electrode, while another person massages your face with the hands. This draws the stimulating sparks to the surface thus massaged.


A Statement of Renulife User 5

Warts, Moles, Etc.  

    I bought two of your machines, sold one and used one. In some cases I have used it for massaging and for removing warts, moles and some birth marks and none have ever come back.  

    The Comb Electrode is a wonder for dandruff.



Location of Vital Organs
Violet Ray applied at these vital seats is effective in restoring normal functioning.


How Violet Ray Benefits

    The Violet Ray is a thorough treatment: the irresistible, revitalizing powers of the Violet Ray being carried at once to every nerve cell, fiber and part of the body, even the heart is saturated. It increases the oxygen in the blood, enriching and purifying it, and giving added vitality and strength, and so eliminates the poisonous waste products to which much disease is due. It exercises without effort or the weakening waste of energy. The Violet Ray reaches and treats the cause of the diseases whether known or not and so strikes at the very root of the disturbance.

    The Renulife Violet Ray High Frequency current produces a cellular massage. Instead of the contraction of muscles, the individual cells are stimulated by the oscillation of the electric current. This causes a marked improvement in nutrition and general health. The benefits are not confined to the local area or part but is constitutional in results.



Treat through Clothing to produce the Stimulating Spark

Pains and Aches

    Aches and pains are messages from some troubled organ, muscle or nerve. It is a call for relief. It may be the stomach is in distress with an overtaxing load, or the bowel congested, or the nervous system in general reacting against some abuse. The pain or ache may be localized, while the cause originated in a remote functional relation.

    A pain in an arm is likely to be the local manifestation of blood stream laden with poison, which has also affected the nerves – and the result is Rheumatism.

    The Violet Ray is the most potent pain and ache eradicator, because while it breaks up local congestions, stimulating circulation, at the same time it acts directly on the blood. A baptism of ozone purifies the blood relieving nerve pressure, pains and aches vanish.



Treatment at Nerve Centers
Showing spinal nerve centers of various organs of the human body.

    In applying the Violet Ray to the spinal nerve centers communicating with the parts under treatment, beneficial results are secured. If indigestion is present in addition to direct treatment of stomach region, there should be a thorough going over of middle back at 4. And in like manner the proper nerve center should be treated, as well as local application, for relief in any organ or part. (See Chart herewith.)

    This indirect application will prove of much benefit it treating organic disorders.


Electricity and Life
From the Electrical Experimenter, May, 1917.
The Construction of High Frequency Apparatus for
Medical and Lecture Use.
By Frederick Finch Strong, M. D.
Lecturer on Electro-Therapeutics.
Tufts Medical School, Boston.

    In the March number of the Electrical Experimenter the author pointed out that high frequency currents, when properly tuned, acted as "Vital Boosters," increasing all the functions of the body and helping it to resist and throw off disease. This vitalizing effect is not due to the mere liberation of heat in the tissues, for it is produced by the very high voltage ("Tesla") currents as well as by the heavy amperage ("D'Arsonval") currents from which the thermic effects are usually obtained.

    When the writer demonstrated the first therapeutic Tesla Coil and the first Vacuum Electrode – (in 1896 before a Boston Medical Society) – and suggested that the method was destined to come into general use as a vitalizing agent, he was laughed at by his colleagues; yet today there is scarcely a well-equipped physician's office in this country or in Europe that does not contain some form of therapeutic high frequency apparatus. Even the barber shops of the present time have their small "Violet Ray" outfits; and they are not by any means "fakes" for they produce real results, such as the relief of headache, neuralgia, skin diseases, et cetera.

    Unlike many other forms of electricity, these currents may be administered to patients with perfect safety. In twenty years' experience in Electro-Therapeutics the author has never known of harmful results from the use of Tesla currents applied through a vacuum electrode. The writer is a firm believer in the use of the Tesla currents in the home – if each member of the family could receive ten-minute daily treatments from a small high frequency apparatus, the general standard of health would be greatly increased. This has been demonstrated in hundreds of cases.

    The author has interviewed a number of more prominent authorities on medical electricity and they agree as to the vitalizing  effects resulting from the daily high frequency treatments.


      There is no quackery or uncertainty about the High Frequency current. It is not claimed to be a "cure-all." Its effects are systematic as well as local, and therefore it treats fundamentally. A thorough cell massage is given with a healthful, stimulating effect. It is a potent aid in restoring to normal the physical condition that may have been impaired from most any cause. The results obtained are almost universally beneficial and never harmful.



Ozone as a Therapeutic Agent

(Quoted from High Authorities)


    "Ozone acts as a powerful antiseptic with diseased mucous surfaces, consequently its beneficial action is quickly apparent in the treatment of bronchial and laryngeal affections, catarrh, hay fever and all diseases of the respiratory organs. When inhaled it hastens the oxidation of the blood, increases the red blood corpuscles, and by producing a feeling of well being in the patient is of the greatest value in neurasthenia, melancholia, hysteria, psychologic impotence and other neuroses." 


    "Indications. In one sense of the word, since oxygen is so essential, it might easily be claimed that ozone was indicated in any bodily ailment, and I am of the opinion that its inhalation would be beneficial to the extent that pure air would be desirable, but there are some diseases in which it is of particular benefit. Among these are anemia; all diseases of the respiratory organs. including tuberculosis; infectious diseases; and all conditions where there is imperfect oxidation and impaired nutrition. An ozone spray has been demonstrated to be healing in all forms of ulcers, etc." 


The glass ozone generator fits
handle of any of our models; furnishes ozone for inhaling. 
Price $9.50.

    Ph.D., D.C.L. 



Physiological Action

    Ozone increases the oxygenation of the blood and tissues, increasing oxyhemoglobin and also increasing the number of red blood corpuscles. It is claimed that a decrease in white blood corpuscles is produced if they are above normal. Germs are destroyed by it and it has been shown capable of so thoroughly disinfecting sewage that the filtered water was pronounced suitable for drinking purposes. It is distinctly deodorant.

    Dr. J. T. Gibson says in Advanced Therapeutics: "In advanced cases with cavities and much expectoration, I think there is no means of so much use as inhalation of ozone. It empties the lungs of detritus and pus, revivifying the blood, disinfecting the parts of the lungs reached, and after the first irritation of its use has passed off, there is nothing that gives the lungs the sense of rest and quiet as does this agent. I have seen the quantity of sputum lessened to a most remarkable degree, and fever disappear, and all symptoms improve by the use of ozone inhalations."


Anemia and Chlorosis

    In a paper read before the American Pediatric Society, Boston. Dr. A. Caille reports the favorable influence of ozone in a number of cases of chlorosis and anemia as well as other diseases, and in his conclusion, says: "In chlorosis and anemia, ozone inhalations are exceedingly valuable from a therapeutical standpoint, and give better and prompter results than any other form of medication."

Ozone From the Renulife Generator

    Ozone is simply a concentrated form of Oxygen. Without Oxygen we cannot live. When we breathe we fill the lungs full of pure air or oxygen. This oxygen passes through the walls of the lungs, at the same time passing through and purifying the blood, which is flowing through the walls of the lungs and which comes there from every part of the body to be purified.

    It is the lack of pure air to purify our blood that causes us to be overcome with disease. Being cooped up in an office or factory all day long is responsible for most of our diseases and particularly diseases of the respiratory organs.

    The Renulife Ozone Generators deliver Ozone in large quantities for inhalation purposes. The Ozone penetrates every cell in the lungs, purifying the blood, destroying disease germs and soothing the inflamed tissues. For Asthma, Catarrh, Hay Fever, Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, Tuberculosis, etc., there is no better treatment known.

    Our Ozone inhaler attachment No. 25 is designed so as to fit the handle of any of our Generators. The High Frequency current conducted through this attachment creates ozone in quantities, confines it and filters it through an oil so that one may inhale it with maximum benefits.

    In our Type C instrument an Ozone Generator of very efficient design has been built right in the case. This is equipped with a mask fitting over the mouth and nostrils for inhalation purposes.


Renulife Violet Ray Generators, Most Efficient, Compact, Durable – Lowest Priced
    The hundreds of testimonials we are receiving from satisfied users prove to us conclusively that we have achieved our aim, that of placing within the reach of everyone the means of renewing or restoring the Health to normal. To date the greatest drawback has been the enormous cost of the instruments, making treatments only possible for those who could afford to spend a small fortune in renewing their Health. Hospitals and Specialists have used large instruments for years, being forced to charge large payments for their treatments. In placing our generators on the market, we have placed the most efficient health builder known to science at a price that is within the reach of everyone.

    In this booklet we touch briefly on some of the uses of Renulife Generators. Directions for applying in treatment for various ailments listed are given in detail in the treatment chart. and directions for use, accompanying each generator.

Abbreviated Treatment Chart, Using Electrode No. 1

Rheumatism: Treat area of pain through thin layer of clothing, also apply to 11-12, 26-27.

Headache: Apply to 2, 3, 1. 20, 21, 23, 11-12.

Insomnia: Apply to 11-12, 26-27, down spine from nap of neck to 25, also apply to bottom of feet 17.

Neuralgia of the Face; Apply to cheeks. front of ear, and cords of neck.

Indigestion: Treat 12-11, 10, 20, 23-25.

Constipation: Treat 13-13. 14-14, 12-11.

Nervousness: Treat area at 19, also up and down spine from 19 to 29. Treat 18-18, also treat abdominal region 13. 14,12, 11, also upper arms and shoulders 6-9, also lower limbs, 31, 17.

Deafness: Treat all around back and front of ear, also internal ear with electrode No. 21.

Dandruff, Falling Hair, Gray Hair, and Scalp Ailments: Electrode No. 1 may be used, but rake comb electrode No. 2 preferred. Cover entire scalp at least once a day, eight-minute treatments.

Complexion: In addition to applying to face and neck, treat for improved indigestion in area 12-11.

To Strengthen Lungs and Develop Chest: Thoroughly cover area 5-8,5-7, also area 21-22,21-24, holding up chest and breathing deeply during treatment, ozone inhalation from ozone generator is very desirable.



The Statements of Renulife Users published in this book are taken from letters written to us. They are the unsolicited expressions of people made without intent of giving public testimony. Original letters in our file.

Best Ever

    I think it is one of the best little machines that was ever invented.

Like Charm

    A neighbor lady was suffering from lumbago and could not move, and my wife brought over the Generator and in less than ten minutes the lady was greatly relieved. The Generator worked like a charm. The news spread about.

Appreciate It

    At my birth I was taken with instruments, and a nerve in my face was injured so that when I laughed my mouth was crooked. Since I used your machine, my mouth no longer looks that way when I laugh. It has helped the nerve in some way, and I am pleased about it.

    My friend, too, finds she sleeps now, whereas before she never slept more than three hours all night. She is much pleased with her machine.

Beats All

    Your Generator is just the thing for me. That tired feeling has left me and I feel like myself again. You sold one to my son, Ermet, and I'm surprised what it is doing for me. Beats all dope I took and I can tell you I took some in my lifetime.

As Represented

    I received my Violet Ray Generator over two weeks ago, and found it in perfect condition, and am satisfied with it. I must also state that Model E is as good as it has been represented by your catalog.

Instant Relief

    Obtained almost instant relief for my hay fever.


    I received your Model "E" Generator in good condition, and am very much pleased with it. It has relieved me of the nervousness and it has helped me a great deal in using it for the treatment of rheumatism. I am very much pleased with your Violet Ray Generator, and although having used it but a short time, feel sure it has already done some good.

For Eyes

    I have had the machine one week and am well pleased with it, and my eyes are improving.

Cures Neuritis; Relieved Throat

    I wish to advise you that after using one of your Renulife Violet Ray Generators for a short time that I am completely cured of Neuritis. It has also assisted wonderfully in relieving my throat before singing.

Catarrhal Deafness (Schwerhφrigkeit, Taubheit)and Ringing in the Ears

    I had a catarrhal condition in one ear that caused a roaring or ranging sound and have had four or five treatments with the ear tube, with very great benefit.

For Singers

    After taking one treatment from your generator on my throat found immediate relief and was able to work.

Nervous Breakdown

    I am taking this means to inform you what a wonderful instrument you are offering the public. The following is an experience I had with a case of nervous breakdown and fainting …. In less than one minute this lady was remarking how good she was feeling and in twenty minutes looked as if nothing had happened, in fact, said she felt better than she had for some time. I believe it would be a favor to inform the public of this experience and should convince any skeptical persons as to the merits of this machine.

Varicose Veins

    I have had some experience with a Violet Ray machine as treatment for Varicose Veins and worked wonderfully.

Dandruff, Falling Hair

    After using your Violet Ray for a short time I wish to tell that it has completely cured me of falling hair and dandruff. My wife, who has suffered with headaches for years, has also been cured.

All We Say of It

    I received 0.K. the Model E generator. I am using it and find it all you say of it.

General Breakdown

    I was feeling sick all the time and I bought one of your generators. I used it about one week and I was cured.


    Noting the cure of "Pyorrhea" with your home treatment "Violet Rays" led me to give your treatment a trial. I am frank to state that the applications made thus far show a rapid improvement. I was annoyed by the formation of pus sacs on my gums presumably from decayed teeth. The treatment is mild and pleasant and common sense would as in my case warrant the application which has made the expenditure profitable in that particular cure. I am sure of profitable results in other directions.

Rush It

    I used this machine on a musician one time and he says "order me one and order it quick," so you see my rush.

Feeling Better

    Will say we seem to be feeling much better after using it.

Goiter Treated

    One lady here had a double Goiter (Kropf) for which she has been treated successfully.

Physician's Advice

    Every house should have a Renulife Violet Ray High Frequency Generator for the treatment of the simpler ailments such as: Neuralgia, Neuritis, Sore Throat, Kernels in Neck, Cramps, Headache, Stiff Neck, Muscular Soreness, Rheumatism, Paralysis – in short, pain of all kinds. Growing pains in children, occupation pains, and fatigue. A good thing to apply till the Doctor comes, then ask for further instructions. First remove celluloid hair pins and ornaments containing it, also metals are best removed, then apply the Violet Ray High Frequency current, and expect results if it is a Renulife Generator

    M.D., M.E.



For that Tired, Worn Out, Run Down Feeling

    These strenuous days make heavy drafts on our store of nervous energy. When in full vigor, we withstand these debility effects and come back daily with strength renewed by nature.

    Some constitutions will stand twice the abuse that others will, but excess persisted in will break down the most perfect human structures. You notice a lessening of your animal spirit; you realize that there is a limit to your capacity for endurance; your appetite is not so healthy; your back aches; you have dizzy spells when you stoop; you have pains in your chest and shoulders; spots float before your eyes; your food does not digest; your bowels are irregular; you do not get rest from your sleep, but awaken tired; you are dull and without your old ambition; your vital force is low – in fact you are breaking down. Youth is giving away to the ravage of wrong living.

    Fortunately taken in time nature will repair the damage, if you give her the right aid.

    Get your blood circulating properly again. Tone and restore the quality of the blood, tissues and nerves. With a Renulife Violet Ray you can stimulate and revitalize your entire system, re-establish circulation, set all the vital functions in healthy, robust action.

    To those who have wasted the vivacious energy of youth by excessive high living and those who find the spark of vitality growing fainter, and to all those who feet that their vital forces are slow of action and who lack the fire and ambition of youth, the Renulife Violet Ray is the greatest boon available – offers just the way to health and strength.


Statements of Renulife Users 6

Certainly Pleased – Received Your Generator Model "B." I am certainly pleased with it. It does wonders. It in very handy to carry around. 

Good As A Very Expensive One – Wish to say that the Model "E" is a very good little machine. I find the machine is as good through clothing as a very expensive machine from which I have been taking treatments. 

Better than Expected – Your Model "B" arrived, as did extra Electrodes, and have proven themselves far beyond my anticipation. 

Much Benefit – I am receiving much benefit from it. 

Soothing Pain Reliever – I find it a soothing pain reliever. 

Better Than for Years – I have used generator for three weeks and can say I Am feeling better than have been for years. 

Useful and Health Giving – Sometime ago I bought one of your Renulife Violet Ray Generators, and I find it a very useful and health-giving machine. 

A Little Wonder – I would not part with it for five times the price, if I could not get another one like it. It is sure a little wonder. 

Proud of It – Last week I received the little generator and I am very proud and satisfied with it. I feel better since I used it. It is a wonderful little instrument. I thank you very heartily. 

Restored Health – Am glad to say that the little machine which I Am using has truly restored my health into good condition. I highly recommend it. 

As Represented – Generator purchased from you three months ago is just what it is represented. 

Perfect Satisfaction – The machine has given perfect satisfaction and I would not take three times the price I paid for it.

This Famous Little Instrument has Won Tremendous Popularity
 Model E

    To meet the demands of a generator that would be within the reach of everyone and at the same time efficient, our Model E was perfected. This model is the lowest priced, most efficient Violet Ray Generator in the world. It attaches to any electric light socket and may be operated by a child without fear of shock or spark. Its coils, etc., are designed so that it delivers a current of exceedingly high voltage and frequency, and it will meet the demands of everyone.

    We particularly recommend it for the home. We have installed it in Doctors’ Offices, Barber Shops, Beauty Parlors, in fact, everywhere where it is subject to the most strenuous work and it has stood the test in every case.

    We give the same unlimited guarantee with our Model E as with our higher priced models.

    Price, complete as shown, with connector cords and one No. 1 electrode ……….. $24.00

    All electrodes are made to fit the handle of any of our generators and are interchangeable.

    Any model may within one year be exchanged for a higher priced model at the full purchase price paid.



A Small Portable Outfit Built in a Carrying Case
 Model F

    This instrument is slightly stronger than the Model E arid is built in a self-contained carrying case, seal-grain keratol covered, velvet lined, with electrode clips in lid for carrying four electrodes. There are no exposed metal parts on instrument.

    It is a most convenient outfit for carrying about; handsome and efficient, size of case when closed 10" x 4 ½" x 7". Regularly equipped with No. 1 General Surface Electrode and No. 3 Metal Saturator Electrode.

    Price, complete as shown ................ $30.00

    Our Standard Generators are designed to operate on 100 to 120 volt, alternating or direct current. Generators to operate on 32 volt lighting system or any voltage other than standard furnished at additional charge of $2.50.


Statements of Renulife Users 7

Most Relief – It is giving me very satisfactory results, and most relief from pain of anything I have ever tried. 

Physician's Statement – I have been using one of your Violet Ray Generators and have had wonderful results, and through the results one of my patients has asked me to send for one of your Generators that she might have one at her disposal all the time. She asked me to send for your model "E."  

Pleased with Results – May say that my Generator arrived in good condition and am highly pleased with the results obtained from its use. 

Works Fine – I received the model "B" Generator 0.K. It is a fine instrument, and works fine.



Designed Especially for Beauty Parlor Use
Attractive White Ivory Finished Cabinet
Beauty Parlor Model G

    This instrument has been especially designed for Beauty Parlor and Barber Shop use. It is made to withstand continued usage and is equipped with coils, etc., to deliver the current best adapted for hair, scalp, massage and facial treatments.

    The case is beautifully finished in white enamel with all metal parts nickeled. An extra length of connector cord facilitates the movements of the operator in giving treatments. Size 6" x 4 Ύ" x 4 Ό".

    This handsome outfit complete with General Surface Electrode No. 1, Rake Comb Scalp Electrode No. 2 and Metal Saturator Electrode No. 3 for indirect massage …….. $30.00

    Our Standard Generators are designed to operate on 100 to 120 volt, alternating or direct current. Generators to operate on 32 volt lighting system or any voltage other than standard furnished at additional charge of $2.50.


Statements of Renulife Users 8

Wonderful Results – I am getting wonderful results from your Generator, and it is worth many times the price I gave for it. 

Great Relief – I have had great relief from a pain and soreness that has troubled me for over twenty years – so am ready to sing the praises of the High Frequency Violet Ray. I have written two friends advising them to try it. 

Very Satisfactory – Having used one of your Violet Ray Machines this past winter at Miami, Fla., I find them very satisfactory. Will ask you to send me some Price Lists, as I did not think to bring one with me.



A Larger Portable with Carrying Case Separate
Model A

    This instrument delivers a current of exceptional high frequency and voltage, has increased condenser capacity. It is not made in self-contained case but separate carrying case is included as shown.

    Size of instrument. 8" x 5" x 4 Ό".

    Size of case. 12" x 7" x 6".

    The sides of the instrument are covered with black seal grain keratol and top plate is of rich mahogany finish, all metal parts highly nickeled.

    Carrying case is fitted with leather handle; case entirely covered with black seal grain keratol and lined with purple velvet. Ample space is provided for cord and handle and lid is fitted with three electrode holders.

    Price of Model A complete with No. I General Electrode and No. 3 Metal Saturator Electrode and Carrying Case ……. $37.50

    Our Standard Generators are designed to operate on 100 to 120 volt, alternating or direct current. Generators to operate on 32 volt lighting system or any voltage other than standard, furnished at additional charge of $2.50.



Statements of Renulife Users 9

Helps Nerves – I am pleased with the generator, and find it a great benefit to my nerves, and health in general. 

Find It a Wonder – I have tried the machine and I find it to be a wonder. I have shown it to several of the friends and neighbors and they all seem to like it. It has been worth the money already.



Especially Suited for Dentists' Use
Dental Model D

    We furnish a special Dental Generator designed to give a current of extremely high frequency, very smooth in its action and giving no unpleasant result to the patient. High Frequency, as produced by our special Model D, has great therapeutic value in dentistry. It is of particular value in the treatment of Abscesses, Pyorrhea, Alveolaris, Post-Operative pain, etc. Also used as a diagnostic agent for stimulating the gums.

    Made sanitary and attractive with white enamel finish complete as shown with No. 1 General Surface Electrode, and the full set of Insulated Dental Electrodes ............ $40.00

Special Dental Electrodes


For cavity treatment and diagnosing. 



For treatment of frontal gums. 



Cataphoric Electrode for carrying medicaments in treatment of abscesses, etc.



Cataphoric Electrode.



Special pyorrhea and back gums. 



Extra Dental Electrodes as shown (insulated) $2.50 


Built in Self-Contained Carrying Case
Model B

    This Generator electrically is similar to our Model A, but is built in self-contained carrying case of substantial, handsome construction. Case is covered with black seal grain keratol, and is fitted with heavy nickeled carriers and lock; lined with rich purple velvet. The top is of beautifully polished mahogany finish. In the lid are holders for five Electrodes.

    Size of case 12" x 9" x 6 ½".

    This outfit is of the highest quality throughout and represents maximum value in a portable High Frequency Generator. Used extensively by professional people as well as in the home.

    Price complete, as shown, including No. 1 General Surface Electrode, No. 2 Rake Comb Scalp Electrode and No. 3 Metal Saturator Electrode …….. $45.00

    Our standard Generators are designed to operate on 100 to 120 volt, alternating or direct current. Generators to operate on 32 volt lighting system or any voltage other than standard furnished at additional charge of $2.50.

A Most Complete Portable Violet Ray for Both Professional and Home Use
Ozone Inhaler Built in
Model C

    This model is sometimes called our Model DeLuxe. It is the utmost in Violet Ray outfits. It delivers two qualities of High Frequency Electricity and includes a self-contained Ozone Generator of high efficiency. By means of a three-way switch conveniently placed on the highly polished mahogany finish plate a current may be selected for internal treatments which is of exceptional smoothness and produces exactly the correct amount of heat; or a current for external treatments may be selected with no further adjustment of the controlling knob, or the current may be completely turned off the Violet Ray, and the Ozone Generator put into operation for inhalation purposes. This instrument is ideal for physicians or for anyone desiring the maximum in home treatments. Both qualities of High Frequency Violet Ray are adjustable from very mild to strong, the range in both being very wide. The Ozone is generated in immense quantities and is filtered by passing through pine needle oil before being inhaled. All metal parts are highly nickeled.

    Size of case 14" x 9" x 6 ½", – lined with heavy purple velvet and covered with black seal grain keratol. It is fitted with heavy carrying handle, heavy lock and nickel plated corners.

    Price complete as shown with No. 1 General Surface Electrode, No 3 Metal Saturator Electrode, No. 16 Eye Electrode, No. 7 Insulated Rectal Electrode, No. 18 Condensor Electrode, one bottle of Renulife High Frequency Liniment, one bottle of Pine Needle Oil for Ozone Generator and one copy of Dr. Eberhart's High Frequency Manual, 1919 Edition ……….. $75.00

    Our standard Generators are designed to operate on 100 to 120 volt, alternating or direct current. Generators to operate on 32 volt lighting system or any voltage other than standard furnished at additional charge of $2.50.



For Homes Not Wired With Electric Current – Any model
except "C" furnished to operate on Dry Cell Batteries
Battery Generators

    We furnish any of our standard instruments with the exception of our Model C to operate on thirty ordinary dry Cell batteries. The dry cells may be purchased from any local dealer or garage by the user of the instrument for a very small outlay and are sufficient to operate any of these instruments for practically a year with ordinary use. After this time they would have to be replaced with new dry cells. We furnish the instrument ready to attach to the dry cells and also furnish a blue print with each, showing how to connect the cells and generator to obtain the best results. Instruments which are claimed to operate on six or eight dry cells have not proven satisfactory and must be continuously replaced with new cells, so that we have found this method not only more satisfactory to the buyer but much cheaper to operate, and it also does away with all annoyance of changing cells monthly or having them recharged.

    The current delivered by our battery models has the same quality and efficiency as our regular models illustrated.

    Price for generators, ready to attach to dry cell $2.50 above price of regular models.


We do not furnish the Dry Cell Batteries.
These must be provided by the purchaser



Increase Your Efficiency through a Course of Violet Ray Physical Culture

    The stimulating and eliminative effects of the Violet Ray are of inestimable benefit to the modern business or professional man who is cooped up in an office or store all day, and who has not the time for gymnastics or systematic physical culture activities. Sitting in a chair for hours at a time, his circulation becomes sluggish, the poisons are not eliminated properly from his body and his nerve force is expended more rapidly than it is generated. A run-down, tired-out condition results, which lowers his general working efficiency and which takes the edge off his normal mental alertness.

Results Like Exercise

    The accepted remedy for this condition is exercise, fresh air, and bodily movement strenuous enough to start perspiration. The physical culturists tell him, and they are right, that he should set apart a daily period to keep himself in condition. To get the blood flowing through his veins, to stir the eliminative and other organs to action, and to get the vitalizing effects of physical exercise. The "Tired Business Man" is convinced, and may for a time walk to the office, or start the day with a short period of setting-up exercises, but he soon forgets his good resolutions and descends back to his former state.

Additional Benefits

    The daily application of high-frequency electricity will accomplish all the beneficent results expected of exercise with the exception of biceps-building. The blood is sent coursing through the veins; the poisons in the blood are eliminated, as chemical tests show, the nerves are charged with energy: the organs are made to function normally. The use of Violet Ray will assure abounding vitality, a feeling of well-being, and the reserve strength of ample nerve-force even more effectively than exercise. In addition to the well-understood effects enumerated above there is a further systemic effect for which we have as yet no adequate theory. We refer to the effect of electricity on life-cells and all protoplasmic matter. Plants germinate much more rapidly and grow far more luxuriantly when charged with high-frequency electricity, as tests at government experiment stations show.

    A Detroit corporation has placed upon the market a high-frequency generator working on the same fundamental principles as the RENULIFE Violet Ray Generator. It has been used successfully on farms and in green-houses. The mysterious connection between electricity and life-force which has been demonstrated in plant culture, is also clearly evident when human beings are brought within the influence of high frequency currents.

Builds Health, Not Brawn

    The Violet Ray gives all the benefits of strenuous exercise except actual brawn, and it does this without requiring much time. It is a boon for the busy man who has little taste for cut-and-dried gymnastics. Used after the moming’s bath it will give you much more "Pep" than a vigorous rub-down or massage. It will enable you to plunge into the day's tasks with surplus energy. It is a good business investment because it increases the value of your most precious working equipment, namely your physical constitution and nervous apparatus.




No. 1 Surface or General Body Electrode, suited for all exterior surface treatments ….......... $1.00 

No. 2 Rake Comb Electrode especially for scalp treatment, Falling Hair, Dandruff, 

     Gray Hair ......................................................................................................... 2.25

No. 3 Metal Electrode-Held tightly in hand for systemic treatment – Nervousness, 

     Anemia, etc. – also held by person while being given a hand massage of face or scalp 

     by an other person …......................................................................................…. 1.00 

No. 4 External Throat Electrode, specially designed to fit closely over neck. for Goiter (Kropf), 

     Tonsils, Double Chin. Etc. ……................................................................………. 1.75

No. 5 Internal Throat Insulated Electrode, particularly for professional use ……..............…. 2.00 

No. 6 Internal Throat Plain Electrode, par ticularly for professional use …...................…… 1.25

No. 7 Rectal Insulated Electrode, designed for treatment of prostatic trouble ....................... 2.00

No. 8 Rectal Plain Electrode, also for rectal and prostatic treatment, professional use ........... 1.25

No. 9 Vaginal Insulated Electrode .............................................................................. 2.00 

No.10 Vaginal Plain Electrode .................................................................................. 1.25

No.11 Urethral Insulated Electrode, particularly for professional use .................................. 2.00

No. 12 Urethral Plain Electrode, for professional use ……..........................................….. 1.25 

No. 14 Fulguration Electrode, for cauterizing and removing blemishes, Scars (Narben), warts, etc …… 1.50 

No. 15 Spinal Electrode, best for spinal treatments …………........................................…1.75 

No. 16 Single Eye Electrode, made to fit over eye with lids closed …..........................….. 1.25 

No. 17 Double Eye Electrode, for treating both eyes at the same time …….......................…2.00 

No. 18 Condenser Electrode, made with metal conductor within vacuum to concentrate 

     current producing strong, even flow. Best for deep seated cases in place of No. 1  ….....… 3.50 

No. 19 Cataphoric Electrode, for professional use ….................................................…… 3.50 

No. 20 Spiral Electrode ............................................................................................ 3.50

No. 21 Ear and Nasal Insulated Electrode, for internal ear treatment for deafness; also for 

     internal nose treatment ......................................................................................... 2.00

No. 22 Ear Special Insulated Electrode, best suited for internal ear treatments …...............… 2.25

No. 23 Ear and Nasal Plain Electrode, for internal treatment of nose and ear, for 

     professional use …............................................................................................... 1.25 No. 24 Special Vaginal Electrode, made with perforations, generating purifying zone 

     internally. Particularly for inflammation …….......................................................….. 2.75

No. 25 Ozone Generator, described on a preceding page …..............................................  9.50

No. 26 Renulife Tonic Saturator Electrode (pat. applied for), specially designed for 

     saturation treatment for tonic effects. Impossible to receive shock no matter if user is in 

     contact with grounded object ................................................................................ 2.50 

No. 27 Special ........................................................................................................ 2.50 


Electrodes not guaranteed for any specified period. 

A Working Manual of High Frequency Currents

    By Noble M. Eberhart, M. D., Ph. D., D. C. L.. Professor and Head of Department of Physiologic Therapeutics, Med. Dept. Loyola University. Chicago; Professor of High Frequency Illinois School of ElectroTherapeutics.

    Just what the name implies, a working handbook, telling how to use these currents. No lengthy discussions, no perplexing technicalities (no red tape), 324 pages, over 60 pages of illustrations. Handsomely bound. Price $3.00; postage 10 cents.


High Frequency Liniment

    This preparation is manufactured by the Rentilife Electric Co., especially for use in connection with electric treatment. For rheumatism, neuralgia, neuritis and kindred ailments, it proves invaluable.

    Per Bottle $1.00


Pine Needle Oil for Ozone Generator

    Per Bottle $0.50


Insulated Electrodes

    The insulation of electrodes prevents leakage of current at side walls and delivers full benefit at point of contact with parts to be treated. In using internal electrodes always insert before turning on current at the knob, and turn off current before withdrawing electrode.


Dr. Snow's Set of Vacuum Electrodes

    These electrodes are designed for general use. The set contains the following electrodes: Body, Vaginal, Rectal, Throat, Urethral, and Nasal.

    Packed in cardboard case ....………….. $6.00

    Each Electrode singly ......………………1.25



Renulife Electric Company
Sixth Floor Marquette Builaing
Detroit, Mich.